Don Bosco High School began operating in Matunga in 1941, but the Salesians of Don Bosco started their work in Tardeo, Bombay in 1928. This date is important to remember because 1978 is not far off; that year will notch up 100 years of Don Bosco in Bombay—a Golden Jubilee occasion for big debralions in which, it is to be expected, our Past Pupils will play a major role. Fifty years is a long span of time during which much good work has been done; from one small beginning in Tardeo we have now in Bombay alone, six important houses, including a Technical School and an Orphange.

The origin of the Don Bosco Past Pupils’ Movement, as is well know, can be traced back to the initiative of a small group of twelve artisans of the Oratory of Turin who, with Charles Gastini and two of his friends presented to Don Bosco to express their wishes, gifts and heartfelt gratitude to him on his feast day 24th June 1870. Within a few years this spontaneous and informal practice become a tradition. This attraction passed on to his boys and found its practical expression in the Past Pupils’ Moveinnt which is today spread out through the whole world

That historical meeting was repeated 16 times with an ever increasing number of past pupils. Don Bosco always appreciated that token of gratitude and used to address his past pupils as “Salesians in the world.”

The organizational structure of the Association consists at the local level of the Union or branch; Unit or Group; at the Provincial Level-Provincial Federation; at the National level the National Federation, and finally, the World Confederation. The World Confederation is divided into six major groups of which India is Group 5, comprising of eleven Far East countries. Our National President, Mr. Carlisle Curry (a Tardeo Past Pupil and Teacher) has been elected by the National Presidents of the Group 5 countries, as their Representative on the World Federation Committee.

When Don Bosco died Gastini told Fr. Rua: “Unable to build a monument worthy of the memory of Don Bosco we decided to form a federation and we wish to be a living monument dedicated to the memory of Don Bosco.” From the acceptance and application of Gastini’s proposal little by little throughout the world, those units were formed that testify to the efficiency of Don Bosco’s system which creates a tie of friendship that lasts a life time.

The great mind of Very Rev. Fr. Rinaldi, ever open to the understanding of the present times and to the exact valuation of their exigencies, was responsible for the formation of the World Confederation. He gave to the Organization this original characteristic by which the small units were knit in Provincial, National and International Federations.

This universal idea has infused a new soul the result of which must never be lost sight of viz, that because of this, the past pupils of the Oratory X and of the School Y and of the Hostel Z are purely and simply PAST PUPILS OF DON BOSCO, a direct by-product of the thought, of the soul, and of the life of Don Bosco himself.

Accordingly our Confederation can be considered the perennial living monument of Don Bosco in the whole world. This great monument is at present made up of more than 600 Units flourishing in 57 Nations.

We must be proud indeed to be part and parcel of this living monument and we must resolve to give our whole-hearted cooperation so that our Units, our Provincial Federations and our Indian National Federation may be second to none in showing their love and fidelity to Don Bosco.

Talking of Past Pupils of Bombay—the Association was started by Rev. Fr. A. Casarotti sdb in 1955. Past Pupils of Matunga alone today should number over 3000, with several holding good positions in all walks of life, and in public service; or in Association therefore could be a force to reckon with if only our members dedicate themselves to spreading the ideals of Don Bosco imbibed by them during the years spent in their Alma Mater. It is very active and it has a number of achievements to its credit. It gives to its Alma mater its full co-operation. Don Bosco High School is proud to be the seat of the office of the Indian National Federation during the time when Fr. Mariotta started this more than 40 years ago. The National Federation then moved to Madras and now it is in Kolkotta.

Don Bosco Past pupils Association which is now known over the world as Don Bosco Alumni


AGM + Elections: Mumbai July 20 2015

  1) The details of this AGM and Election were broadcast on the Alumni website, Alumni notice board in the school, through Face book of the President, whatsapp groups of various batches and Alumni.

2) Refreshments by way of breakfast were served and Fresh water bottles were also arranged for all.

3) The meeting was chaired by Rev. Fr. Rector Fr. Wilfred D’Souza, the Alumni Delegate. He invited the committee’s President, Mr. Jayesh Chandan & Secretary, Mr. Kailash Parekh to sit on the dais. Some of the special Guests invited did not turn up! The meeting started with our school prayer and was followed with the prayer of the Past Pupils.

4) Fr. Wilfred spoke about the Alumni and its activities through the years. He mentioned that the Alumni Association has progressed and has become quite active and was undertaking good reach out programmes for the poor. He also interacted with the Alumni present, for the future plans, encouraging them to come together and play a larger role in the true spirit of the education received at Don Bosco School. After some time of interaction and valuable morale boosting he invited the President of the Unit to say a few words.

5) The President, Mr. Jayesh Chandan welcomed all and thanked Fr. Wilfred for his enthusiastic words. He called on Mr. Mushtaaq (V P Gex of the Unit) & Mr. Vishal (Gex) to handover a bouquet of flowers along with a chocolate to Fr Wilfred. Father also called the senior most and the junior most Alumni who were present, to come forward.. A small bouquet of flowers with a chocolate was handed over to them as a felicitation. Thereafter the President invited the present managing committee to the dais and introduced them to the audience. He thanked the outgoing committee for all their efforts in creating the highly memorable report of events without whose support this would not had been possible.

6) The Annual Report was then presented to the audience and to save time a short impromptu synopsis was explained. Everybody in the audience had the opportunity to know the different events and projects carried out by the Alumni Association. There was appreciation expressed with a thunderous applause.

7) The Annual Accounts for the year 2013-14 and 2014-15 were laid out for all to view, with emphasis on the Rs.7.5 lakhs plus as the current value of FD’s and approximately Rs.1.5 lakhs in the savings bank account of the Alumni in Vijaya Bank. One person, namely Mr. Makarand Desai (1987 batch) in the audience asked if we could keep the accounts for inspection for yet another month in the Alumni Office or send pdf’s by email to individuals who asked for it. The President replied as per regulation and guidance from the Delegates, no accounts can be sent out of Alumni office. However the request for one more month was approved and subsequently the same information has been put on the Alumni website and other social media used…

8) Fr. Wilfred said we have completed the first part of the AGM and now was time for the Elections: We invited Mr. Davis Dias on the dais as part of the Electoral Commission. Mr. Gabiel Pillai the other member did not turn up. In the meantime Mr. Joseph Pullan, ex President and Mr. Edward Pinto, ex Secretary arrived and they were welcomed with a small bouquet each with a chocolate.

Someone from the audience said if there are 9 posts and only 9 candidates, why not declare them winners as unopposed. Fr. Wilfred intervened that we should have a clear and transparent voting process as per the statutes. As soon as the voting got over the ballots were collected and the same were received by the electoral commission.

The Voting process was presented in detail and ballot papers containing the names of 9 nominations were passed around. Those elected would make up the new Managing Committee. There are 5 main office bearers: President, Senior Vice President, Vice President – GEX, Secretary and Treasurer; followed with 4 posts of Unit Councilors. Since Mr. Abraham Paulose one of the nominees was absent without excuse, he was barred from contesting.

9) Subsequently the Delegate and the Electoral Commission would announce the results and formation of the new Office Bearers. The same info will be put up on the Alumni website and the social media.

10) The meeting came to an end, and members again spent time socializing and enjoying the snacks along with the coffee. It was 12 noon by then.

Report compiled by outgoing Secretary, Mr. Kailash Parekh, with inputs from the outgoing President, Mr. Jayesh Chandan.

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