Youth are the game changers-9C Virtual Assembly
-Master Phezan Motafrom and Agnel Arasu.

In this period of pandemic, the role of the youth in the nation is of utmost significance. This formed the theme of our class 9C’s assembly, “The Role of Youth in Driving Systemic Social Changes.”
The virtual assembly on 23rd September 2020 commenced with a short prayer followed by a meditation session by the class teacher, Ms. Hemangi. The programme began with the introduction of the Bosco Youth channel, where the two hosts, Rushikesh and Syed Amaan made us aware of the good work done by the youth and their assistance to the society in this current situation. Following the introduction, they displayed a youth seminar on their channel. In the seminar, an interviewer posed a couple of questions to the youth of our society about the problems of Covid-19 and online education and the youth effectively suggested some effective solutions to these problems. Following this session, there was a video of our class students Pushkar playing the Tabla and Vaishnavet beatboxing which enhanced the assembly. Thereafter, a video of the interviews of the Covid Warriors such as ward boys and healthcare workers was shown. These healthcare workers have worked meticulously and tirelessly during the onset of the crisis and have still continued to do so. The boys presented and acknowledged their duties in handling this critical situation.
Lastly, a video of the students of 9C was displayed on the goals set for this year and how they have set out to achieve them. For example, Barath set a goal of exercising every day, Pushkar to practice Karate daily, etc. This marked the conclusion of the presentation of the assembly.
Fr. Rector congratulated the class teacher and the students for the efforts they put in. He also gave an insight of an incident in the life of Don Bosco related to the youth. Fr. Principal praised the efforts of class 9C in conducting the virtual assembly and asked them to support the ideas of youth and youngsters and not neglect them. Our AHM Ms. Christina said that it was very gutsy of us to go out and take the interviews of the covid warriors in person.

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