12 September, 2018
-Arati Dodti

In life, we come across many situations when we feel like laying hold of the things that do not belong to us. Giving back to the person concerned a valuable that is lost and found, is the greatest joy and satisfaction which we can experience. 6D class presented this value of kindness and generosity through their class assembly “You don’t need a reason to help people”
The assembly started with a meditation by the class teacher Mrs. Arati Dodti. The meditation which was a mental exercise helped the students imagine a tree house that belongs to them. The students participated well and felt relaxed at the end of this activity. It helped them concentrate better on the assembly. The meditation was followed by a skit based on a true incident that happened in the life of a lady vendor. She being an ordinary lady became an extra ordinary person for the couple who was in need. The class then presented a song and a dance based on the theme ‘A true Neighbour’. The class through their program showed that we also can prove to be a true neighbour by helping others in need.
It was truly amazing to see the whole class participating in an assembly that comprised a well animated meditation and students showcasing their talent. Father Rector commended and congratulated the class for the beautiful execution, the efforts and the use of talents which were noticeable. He also made the students aware about the importance of meditation in our life and how it enhances our wellbeing. Father Principal too congratulated the class for the well presented assembly and said that a good assembly is possible with regular practices outside class hours too. He appreciated the efforts of the boys and their class teacher Mrs.Arati. The assembly concluded with the prize distribution of the Bosco Kala Utsav event.

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