7 September, 2018
You are my light dear teacher!
– Ms. Tejashree Vesvikar and Ms Jancy Dharamraj

“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions” so goes a striking quote. 5th September 2018 and Don Bosco High School, Matunga, was ready to roll out the red carpet for its staff on the occasion of Teacher’s day. An upbeat yet reverential air filled the shrine crypt as the teaching and nonteaching staff along with the student council members gathered to thank the Divine Teacher at the special Eucharist where Fr Rector, Fr Principal and Fr Vice Principal were the celebrants. During the homily at the Eucharist, Rector Father Crispino D’Souza briefly dwelt on the three essential attributes of a teacher, namely, love, patience, and humility.
After the mass, the brightly attired staff assembled at the entrance of the magnificent shrine for the customary staff photograph. A sumptuous breakfast followed and thereafter the teachers along with the assistant teachers and non teaching staff moved to their respective classes for Felicitation in the classrooms. The Principa Father Bernard Fernandes planned and coordinated the day’s activities with student council members and the supervisors to ensured the smooth running of the program in the classrooms and later in the undercroft. The students of each class prepared a small program for their beloved teachers. In the lower classes of the Primary and Secondary, parent representatives devoted their time to prepare students to perform for their teachers with a speech, dance, songs and poem with messages that touched the teachers’ hearts.
After the felicitation in the classrooms, the Kg, Primary and the Secondary students except for Std 10 ended their class for the day. The students of Std 10 with the performing students and the student council remained behind for the teacher’s day program in the undercroft of the Primary building. The well orchestrated program witnessed the crowning moment of every staff member that was symbolic of the stature and vocation of a teacher. The Pre Primary children performed an appealing dance and this was followed by students of Primary section who sang a song dedicated to all the teachers to the accompaniment of music by the parents. The dance performance of the Std. 10 was outstanding and energetic. Father Bernard complimented the teachers for their hard work. “Our school is blessed with the best teaching staff!” he proudly announced. The boys left the school with an attitude of gratitude.
Post the felicitation by the students, it was time for the staff to have some fun by themselves. Ex-staff members were present for this part of the celebration in large numbers. It’s a moment for them to reconnect and relive their memories and moments at Don Bosco. “Teachers leave aside their family, difficulties, chores, life challenges to come together to relive their bond and pledge their commitment to education. Don Bosco, Matunga is one of the few schools that invites its ex-teachers and honours them on this special day” says Mr. Kantaraju , the ex-teacher who retired in 1998, on behalf of all retired teachers present in the afternoon. “What we sow in a child today bears fruit in some years,” he said reminiscing famous alumni from our school such as Piyush Goyal and Akshay Kumar.
Teachers indeed had a good time with each other during the small get together organized with games, music and dance kept themselves entertained along with delicious food served. “Thanks to the amazing committee who organized Teachers Day with such fun, enthusiasm and love,”quipped Mrs. Bela the teacher from secondary section expressing her feelings. The retired teachers were felicitated with a memento of love and appreciation while the present teaching and non-teaching staff too received a token of appreciation from the management.
Rector Father Crispino D’Souza prayed the grace before meals and the teachers were treated to a hearty lunch. Needless to say, this day will go down the memory lane.