Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow -Class assembly 7B
-Ms. Karuna D.

Standard 7B presented their much awaited assembly on Tuesday 19th January 2021. The online class assembly scripted by Ms. Bela was conducted by the class students under the guidance of their class teacher Ms. Karuna.
The assembly was based on the concept of Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. It began with the National anthem followed by the prayer. We greeted our Rector, Principal, heads, teachers and our own fellow classmates. The theme Yesterday – a history, today – a gift and tomorrow – a mystery based on the school theme, “Committed Citizens rebuilding the Fragile world” was introduced to the online gathering. An inspirational song was sung by Saksham to give a tribute to all the covid warriors and families who have lost their loved ones during covid pandemic. Two of the class students also gave a speech on YTT after which the lock down diaries themed PPT were presented to view a glimpse of the year 2020. Michael Jackson’s song ‘Heal the World’ was played to remind us that our world is in need of our prayers for healing.
Father Rector and Father Principal addressed our assembly and they congratulated the class teacher and the students for a well organized assembly and team work in the execution of the assembly.

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