The Yellow House continued their journey

-Ms. Susan Philip


YH1The Yellow House continued their journey and followed their Star: North India. The school experienced a kaleidoscopic tourist experience of History, Mythology, literature and the Fine Arts. Adorned with pristine natural beauty and home to the majestic Himalayan ranges, North India flaunts the most awe-inspiring vistas. Through a PPT the students feasted their eyes on picturesque scenes of the Himalayas, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Utarkhand. They also got nuggets of information on historic monuments of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. One is tempted to quote Amir Khusrao, the Sufi musician and poet as he eulogised Kashmir: Agar is duniya mein jannat hai, toh bas, yahi hai, yahin hai, yahin hai…

YH2The house also captured the riveting and distinct sights and sounds of Northern India, the abode of literary giants,  musicians, architects , poets and the river Ganges. They gave a short presentation of this over the intercom: The sound of the conch, the vedic chants, a recital of Kalidas’s Poetic compostion in praise of the Himalayas, the predominant sound of the tabla and the thal  when kathak is performed, the soft notes of the flute as they guided the audience through Vrindhavan and Mathura and the land of the Mahabharat. They also charted the course of the  majestic and mystic River Ganga, originating from Devprayag. The simple and short presentation reached a crescendo as they introduced Harivansh Rai Bachchan the celebrated Hindi poet. They highlighted some of  his renowned works from his repertoire, with special reference to his Magnum Opus, Madhushala. The journey drew to a close with his megastar son Amitabh Bachchan  rendering a tribute to his father in his inimitable voice.

Come travel through the North of India and savour the Melting Pot.