29 August, 2016

-Ms. Lakshmi Krishna

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The Yellow House Day was celebrated with music on 26th August, 2016. The day began early with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for both the staff and students of Yellow House. Music filled the air, as they depicted Don Bosco’s way of teaching through music.

Many students came along with their musical instruments and played some entertaining music in the school lobby welcoming the staff and students to a day of study and music. The place was beautifully decorated with musical instruments, musical notes, displays and charts. The wonderful presentation at the assembly over the intercom was a unique blend of lively music and Don Bosco’s educative system that stressed the importance of music. The presentation in the class included musical facts and videos/audios of our ex-students who shared their experiences and also shared a few of their nostalgic songs. The excitement didn’t end there. There was a karaoke session during the short break and lunch break, where the students gathered to sing their favourite songs attracting the applause and adulation of the audience.

The spirit of Don Bosco was clearly visible in the school and the day’s events bore testimony to his words “An Oratory without music is like a body without a soul.”

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