July 17, 2018
X D Class Assembly addresses the issue of manual scavengers
-Master Ahmad Kazi

The class assembly by Std X D occurred on 14th July 2018, with coordinated efforts by the class teacher Mrs. Sheela, the scriptwriters Vansh Mehta and Kartik Suvarna, artwork designers Karan Surve, Tanmay Savant, Heet Mehta, Yuvraj Natalkar and team. The assembly sought to emphasize the plight of manual scavengers, and how technological advancements could serve to help society as illustrated by the invention of the Bandicoot Robot, and other illustrations from the Design for Change program (as inspiration for the protagonist), and the testimony of manual scavengers themselves.
The fictional character Vansh is shown initially as an optimistic individual, but slightly dimwitted with an uncanny aspiration, to achieve his unusual goal. He moves along to get admission into an IIT and proceeds to work for corporations to raise funds to improve the plight of manual scavengers by developing a robot, an idea that even the narrator admitted was unorthodox. Vansh, along with colleagues strives to bring a robot to the world that would help manual scavengers live a comparatively dignified life. The narrators, Heet Mehta and Heet Ranawat, guided the story till the end.
In his message, the Rector Fr. Crispino Dsouza emphasized on the message of the purpose of education and how it helps in the development of better people and their contribution towards a desirable society.
The assembly was therefore a production that served its purpose, to send a message that stays relevant to the topic My Neighbor, My Responsibility.

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