World Equal Opportunity Day for our students
-Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna

“I believe that every person is born with talent”- Maya Angelou.
We witnessed these exact words at the Talent Hunt which was conducted on 3rd December 2020 to celebrate World Equal Opportunity Day.
As practicing educationists, we must believe that every child is unique. The spark within them needs the right direction.
The boys of Std 9 and 10 with learning difficulties exhibited a variety of talents in the form of art and craft, cooking, skills with Rubik’s cube and musical instruments, origami, quilling, singing, dancing, poetry and speech. What resulted was that boys even though may have learning issues; they however have other interests and skills that can be nurtured.
The supervisor Ms. Reshma Belgaonkar was responsible for putting together the whole event, ably supported by Ms. Bela Mehta who also conducted it and judged the competition. Along with her to judge was Mr. Krishna Iyer who expressed his delight at being invited for such a unique and entertaining event. Sir Rai, Ms. Christina and Ms. Elizabeth were also present, along with other faculty members.  The event ended with words of appreciation by Ms. Elizabeth and a vote of thanks by the judges calling every participant a winner in his own way.

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