11 July, 2017

Workshop – Integration of Energy in Science

-Ms. Lakshmi Krishna

A workshop was organized for the Science teachers of Mumbai on Integration of Energy in Science on 8th July, 2017 at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai. The workshop began with an introduction to the various activities conducted by Bombay Association for Science Education – BASE.

The discussions were around how to ‘Integrate all the Sciences into One’. The participants were shown how energy can be linked to Physics,Chemistry and Biology. The first speaker was Prof. Katdhare. He spoke on how the definitions of the smallest and biggest units of energy can be explained in a simple way. The second speaker Prof. Prabhu spoke about the different perspectives of energy in Chemistry connected to bonding and chemical reactions. The third speaker Prof. Ranjit talked about the energy used in the formation of cells and tissues thatconnected energy with Biology.

The members of the Nehru Science Centre provided a preview into a new project – Science On Sphere (SOS). It’s an innovative teaching method which integrates a variety of subjects while exposing them to various aspects around the globe and the universe for e. g.Using the example of Climate/ weather to explain its impact on the various parts of the globe.

This informative session ended with the valedictory function.

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