12 August, 2018
Women empowerment
Mrs. Sushila D’britto

Class 9th A conducted their class assembly on 8th August with a message on women empowerment. The assembly titled, ‘Give our sisters the rights and dignity they deserve’ depicted the life of a young school girl who wanted to become a singer. She faced several objections from her father who had no reservations on promoting his son’s cricket career. With her brother’s help, the girl enrolls herself in an interschool singing competition. She wins the competition and one of the judges on the panel was impressed by her performance in particular her voice. He made her father understand the importance of the status that needs to be accorded to women in our society. The father changes his approach and allows his to daughter to pursue her singing career. The girl never leaves sight of her goal and focuses on her regular practice for which she was rewarded with acclaim of a singing star icon. Her father realized his folly and apologized to his daughter. The daughter made her family proud.
After the assembly, our school principal, Fr. Bernard Fernandes addressed the students. He stressed the importance of respecting student companions in the class room and elsewhere. There was a need to appreciate each other’s family background and desist from poking fun at each other that could create rancor and ill-feeling. Fr. Bernard also addressed the need to extend this respect to others while taking care not to violate anyone’s human rights.