July 1 ,2018

Who is my neighbor Class Assembly Std 7A

Ms. Jui Dadarkar.

Reflecting on the years theme for the school, My neighbor, My responsibility, class 7A prepared an assembly to convey the message of love and concern.  Love your neighbor like you love yourself is the most important commandment given to us by Jesus Christ, and all religions speak of the importance and need of love. However, the question arises who is your neighbor ? Indeed anyone who reaches out to others in their time of need is their true neighbor.

The story of Good Samaritan in the Bible is a perfect parable that reflects the truth on ones neighbor. Through a well enacted skit, the students of class 7A inspired the audience on what it means to be a good neighbor  to reach out to others with respect, care and concern in their hour of need.

It is said without a sense of caring, there will be no sense of community. A beautiful action song was performed by the students highlighting this aspect.

The assembly ended with the Rector, Fr. Crispino D Souza and the Principal, Fr.Bernard Fernandes appreciating the hard work and efforts by the class teacher Ms. Jui Dadarkar and the students. They exhorted all to always be there to help the ones who are in need irrespective to their caste, religion, gender and race.