When you love what you have you have everything you need-Virtual class assembly Std 5A
-Ms. Jasmine Thomas

The students of class 5A presented their virtual class assembly on 29th September, 2020 at 9.15am.
Rev. Fr. Rector, Rev. Fr. Principal, Vice Principal, Supervisor, the students of class 5A, class teacher and few parents attended the programme online. The theme of the assembly was, ‘When you love what you have you have everything you need.’
The assembly began with the presentation-the National anthem was played by Master Bartholomew, class 5 A, followed by the morning prayer and pledge. This year has been incredibly challenging for all of us; we have had to figure out new ways to survive. The world is changing and so we also need to change the way we think. ‘When you love what you have you have everything you need.’ We feel bad for people when we watch them suffering. What if we can also take an initiative to help someone who really needs our support during this pandemic situation? It took some brainstorming efforts to figure out a way to make sure that this assembly left a mark on the minds of everyone who viewed it.
This was the first virtual assembly for the students of Std 5 A. Hence it will always be a special and unique experience for all of us. However, we wanted it to be more than that. We wanted everyone to realize how we can contribute to the life of other people, knowingly or unknowingly. To this end, the students of the class 5A presented skit, a dance and a video clip which gave a strong message on the values resonating love, friendship, humanity, peace, togetherness, unity, equality and peace. One of the positive outcomes of entire activity (class assembly) was that all of us got to work together despite not being together under one roof. We learnt that though we are stuck in a crisis our heart still beats as one!.
Rev. Fr. Rector addressed the students through sharing real life crisis faced by many of our loved ones and our own family members due to COVID 19 which helped the students to realize the value of people and things around us which we should be thankful. He also told us that we have to be together and keep praying for each other for this pandemic to end soon. Fr. Rector emphasized the importance of love and being loved. He appreciated the boys and their talents. He commended class 5A along with the class teacher for their efforts and hard work. Fr. Principal too in his speech made a special mention of the boys’ talents and their efforts together with the class teacher for the well conducted assembly.

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