3 February, 2019
Ms. Marossa Fernandes

“Love and Compassion are necessities not luxuries, without them we cannot survive”-Dalai Lama. At their prayer service on Friday, 1st February 2019.Class 8F students along with their class teacher Ms. Marossa Fernandes put forth the idea of the quest for God and that God is always around us working through us, pouring his love on mankind by using man as an instrument to do so. The colourful backdrop prepared by the students had the following message, “When you love others, you love God.”
The prayer service began with a reflective meditation which contemplated on the light of joy which thrives within us, and grows when we spread joy among others. The day’s assembly script focussed on three students who believe that God is alone and thus finds it difficult to help individuals in times of pain and trouble. Hence there is suffering in the world. With a desire to help Him, they begin their quest for God which was depicted in a graceful dance by the students on the song “Ae Khuda Kaha Hai Tu.”
The second half of the prayer service depicted a conversation between the three students and Fr. John, which included a silent act with the song “Aas Pas Hai Khuda” as a flashback on incidents when God is around us. The silent act made the students reflect on daily incidents when they face difficulties in life viz. bullying, at study… At such moments they are helped by their peers; it is God helping them through their friends. Fr. John through his dialogue, conveyed the message that God works through us, and if we truly love God and wish to help Him we need to allow Him to work through us, by serving others with love and kindness. We are God’s instruments to bring peace and happiness on earth.
There were students from different religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Hinduism who came forward and shared a quote from their religious text that tell us to love and serve others. This was followed the hymn “Whatsoever you do” to help us reflect further on the theme of the day.
The prayer service concluded with the message by Fr. Rector who very strongly conveyed that our life is a gift from God and we cannot abuse it nor waste it. It is meant to be put to use to spread goodness. He also mentioned that the quest for God will never end if you keep seeking Him; one mustn’t seek him but must experience His presence round him.