Welcoming the new scholastic year – with a smile and prayer
-Ms. Daksha Tandel, Ms. Colleen Azavedo and Ms. Shoba D’Souza

We began the new scholastic year with a warm welcome to the students of the different sections – Secondary, Primary and Kg. There were the Eucharistic celebration and inaugural prayer services to mark the beginning of the academic year.
“Prayer becomes more meaningful as we counsel with the Lord in all of our doings, as we express heartfelt gratitude, and as we pray for others.” Prayer is the power which is unseen, but known and felt. Prayer is important in any form irrespective of language, faith but true from the heart. The Inaugural Prayer Service for the Primary section was conducted on 19th July 2018, by the Head Teacher along with Mrs. Blossy D’Silva and Mrs. Anitha Alex. Std 10 A conducted a prayer service in the Secondary section invoking God’s blessings at the onset of a new academic year.
The students of the Primary section were led into prayer through silence and a meditative posture. The Head teacher, Mrs. Griselda Fernandes began with an opening prayer thanking the Almighty for various blessings. Mrs. Anitha Alex and Mrs Blossy further read a few intentions asking the good Lord to shower his blessings and guide us throughout this entire year. The prayer service ended with a hymn “This little guiding light of mine.”
The prayer service in the secondary section of the school commenced with a meditation conducted by Ms. Daksha that emphasized colours and their strengths. Ms. Perpetual and Ms. Daphne sang a hymn asking God to be by our side in times of trials and tribulations. This was followed by a student’s prayer, prayer of the faithful and offertory to God. The class students of Std X A in a beautiful gesture presented a memento to the management for the excellent school results at the SSC examination this year.
The welcome extended to the tiny tots of the Kg section can be encapsulated in the following poetic verse:
‘June comes and back to school,
Come all our little boys.
They look so smart, they look so good
On their faces, a bright look.
Excited they are, as we can see
For in a new class they will be.
New bags and new books
New uniform and shining shoes
Welcomed by the teachers they were
For a fun filled kindergarten year .
That’s the reopening day
In the Savio Kindergarten.’

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