21 June, 2020
Welcoming our new students and parents to our school through an Orientation meeting
-Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas

One of the important points on the agenda at the beginning of an academic year is to welcome the new entrants to our school. It is our way to make them feel welcome in our DB family and get adjusted to the schedules and curriculum sooner than later.
The (online) meeting for the new admission students and their parents of the secondary section Std 5 to Std 9 was held on 18th June, 2020. Our Assistant Head Mistress Mrs. Christina Mascarenhas coordinated this Google meet with the concerned parents and students. The meetings were held in two sessions keeping in mind the big number of new entrants in our school. The staff members present for the meeting were the Vice-Principal Sir CliffRichard D’souza, newly appointed Supervisor of Stds. IX-X, Mrs. Reshma Belgaonkar, Supervisor of Stds V and VI Mrs. Elizabeth Soares and Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas who represented Stds 7 and 8 section at the meeting.
Ms. Christina began the meeting with a prayer invoking God’s blessings on all the students, parents, the staff and prayed for a quick easing of the current situation owing to the Covid pandemic. She then welcomed all the students and their parents for the meeting. She introduced the staff members present to the parents and students. Mrs. Christina spoke about the school being run by the Salesians of Don Bosco; the present members of the management and the Heads/Supervisors of the school stating the important role played by each of them.
The school is well known for its many facilities that include an outstanding sports infrastructure. However equal importance is given to academics, activities and also in developing the boys into complete individuals. There are important days- assemblies, field trips, Christmas Panorama, Annual day, Sports day… to name a few. All our children get an opportunity to be a part of these programs. Mrs. Christina then briefed the parents and students on the important rules, regulations and policies of the school and the importance to adhere to these. She spoke about the present mode of online teaching during the period of the Covid pandemic and the need to organize themselves for the same. The school App is the official mode of communication of the school by the Principal and the staff members.
Mrs. Christina and the other staff present addressed further queries of the parents related to the school and its functioning. The parents then took the opportunity to thank the management and staff for their efforts taken to start the online classes. They heaped praises on the staff members for their patience and training undergone to prepare for this unexpected situation.
The meeting ended with words of appreciation and gratitude from Mrs. Christina to the parents and students for their valuable time and presence at the meeting.

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