12 August, 2017

We Serve To Save – Field trip Std. III

-Ms. Richa Singh

To relate the topic of ‘Public Services for Community Life’ in EVS, the students of Std. III visited the Mumbai Fire Brigade Station at Antophill on 10th August,2017.  The students reached the destination at 10 am and were welcomed by the Reporting officer Mr. Sangale, who would be their instructor and guide for the day. Our students observed the disciplined drill the young recruits endure to become efficient firemen. Mr. Sangale briefed the kids on the working of the fire station and the manner of their response to any fire accident in an area. When a person dials the helpline number 101, s/he is connected to the head office at Byculla; it is from here that the message is sent to the fire station of that particular area where the fire disaster has taken place. The children were made aware of some basic fire fighting equipments like fire escape mask, fire extinguisher and the fire resistant suit worn by the brigade team on duty. There was a small demonstration on extinguishing fire with the help of a hose reel. The children were told that the hose reel draws water from a fire brigade tank which can store up to 4,500 litres of water. Also, the firemen could be contacted for the following cases other than fire -rescuing an animal, oil spill on the roads and even when someone gets locked in a house or has got stuck in the lift. They were instructed on simple safety measures like switching off the gas knob, the main electric switch and turning off the tap while moving out of the house that can help in the prevention of such accidents. The children truly enjoyed their visit and they assured the officer in creating an awareness among their parents and friends on fire safety measures.