21 July, 2018
Master Donatus Noronha

The boys of Std. X E, together with their class teacher, Sir Manoj Koli, conducted the class assembly on 18th July, 2018. The theme chosen by them was WE ARE NEIGHBOURS….NO MATTER THE DISTANCE.
The assembly began with the singing of the National Anthem and the School Anthem by Donatus Noronha of Std. X E and Ethan Dias of Std. IX D. Respected Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes then addressed the gathering and also said a prayer for our late ex- Rector, Fr. Jude DMello, who passed away earlier that morning.
The boys of Std. X E then enacted a skit comprising of four thought provoking scenes. The first scene portrayed a young boy, Shubankar who was excellent at football, but too poor to spend on any equipment to pursue his talent. In order to fulfill his dreams of becoming a famous sports star, his friends got together and contributed towards buying all the equipment he required. The next scene depicted the heavy rains in Mumbai city. It showed brothers Mehul and Utkarsh who, together with their father, lent a helping hand to the commuters stranded at the railway station, by distributing snacks to them. In the third scene, Sahil, along with his friends took the initiative of working towards keeping their surroundings clean and green. They organized a meeting of the entire society to educate them about the harmful effects of plastic and thermocol on the environment, and gifted them with eco friendly cloth bags. The final scene was of a boy, Alister, who was celebrating a noisy 13th birthday with his friends, and a neighbour, Khush, preparing for his XII board exams. The party gang displayed neighbourly love and consideration, by lowering the volume of their music.
The assembly ended on a high note with Rev. Fr. Rector briefly addressing us on how the day’s assembly connected directly to the life of late Fr. Jude DMello. There was also the distribution of certificates of merit to students who had excelled in the various subjects last year. The students of Std. X E later distributed customized eco friendly cloth bags to the entire school staff.

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