1 October, 2016

Ms. Mural Rebello

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Std.3 celebrated ‘Water Fun Day’ on the 30th of September, 2016. Various brainstorm activities, power point presentation and songs relating to water were organized to create awareness among the students. Teachers also emphasized the importance of conserving and managing our fresh-water resources.Children came up with different ideas to conserve water:
1. Turn off the tap when water is not required in school and at home.
2. Take shorter showers.
3.  Check for leakages
4. Plant native flowers that require less water.
5. Go green: always buy energy efficient  appliances to save water etc.
Children understood and appreciated the importance of clean water.They learnt what it takes to prepare a soft drink. It was indeed a fun filled and engaging day for the students. They thoroughly enjoyed every moment and went home with a valuable message. “Save Water Save Life”.