29 August, 2017


-Ms. Tejal Masmar


Water is important! In a bid to make students aware about water and its significance, Don Bosco High School, Matunga hosted Water day for the students of standard second in the classroom on August 11. Nearly 187 students attended the special celebration, which began with a discussion about how water is important to us. This was followed by the activity for them through a worksheet.

It’s important that students understand and appreciate the importance of clean water.The teachers helped them to learn how to conserve water and made them understand through illustrations the importance of water.

As the event ended, the students were very happy to share their thoughts which then were displayed on the board for all to read. At Don Bosco Matunga, we are constantly making an effort to make the students aware about the value of water and its resources. Surely the students will make a difference to what they have been taught.

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