13 August, 2018
Visit to a Plant Nursery
-Mrs. Larissa Carvalho

The green brigadiers of Sr K.G. section went on a field trip to visit Ferntastica gardens, a plant nursery at Chembur, on 11th August 2018. Here, the children were told stories on Mummy’s Kitchen Garden from the explorer magazine. They were enthusiastic to see a garden with different types of plants.

On their tour of the place, they saw various types of decorative plants like ferns and creepers, and medicinal plants like mint, lemon grass, holy basil and aloe vera. The teacher told them the usefulness of these plants and the various diseases that can be cured by it. They were also introduced to oxygen plants. Next the children encountered flowering plants like lollipop plant, roses, orchids and anthuriums. They caught a glimpse of monsoon creatures – snail, dragon fly, earthworms etc.

The children were introduced to the concept of Bonsai plants that were on display in the garden.
They came across fruit trees-banana tree and lemon tree with lemons on it. They also viewed terrariums, miniature gardens in exotic bottles and ceramic potted plants. The boys learned that space constraint in the house is no excuse and that we can grow all types of plants and trees in the tiniest of spaces. Plants can be grown in baskets and hung; or they can be grown in small valets and on walls.

All these activities of the day helped in enhancing the cognitive skills of the children besides boosting their aesthetic development. More, they made plants their buddies!

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