Virtual E7-Sports conditioning and fitness training in the Kindergarten section
-Ms. Tasneem Jumai

“Exercise not only changes our body, it changes our mind, our attitude and our mood.”Fitness is the cornerstone of any sports.
The E7 program founded by our very own ex-student and ex international hockey player Mr. Edgar Mascarenhas was continued in the Kindergarten section for this year.E7 stands for the 7 Essential Elements of Fitness, namely, Endurance, Strength, Agility, Speed, Balance, Coordination and Flexibility. Programs revolve around the development and enhancement of these 7 Essentials. School Programs include Physical Education, Sports Specific Programs, After School Fitness and Performance Fitness programs. It’s trademark SPORTS CONDITIONING PROGRAM has been widely used to create a strong fitness base, from which students can then launch into sports specific training and specialization. This helps to enhance an overall development which is an important goal in a Don Bosco institution.
In the present scenario where there are no (physical) classes going on, the virtual E7 sessions began on 5th October 2020 for Sr KG and on 8th October 2020 for the Jr KG classes for the academic year 2020-2021. The Sr KG students have their class on Monday and the Jr KG has its session on Wednesday for 10-minutes duration. The E7 fitness program has in a fun way got the children engaged in the necessary physical activity vital for their development and growth especially in the current pandemic situation where children are unable to run, play and exercise. The boys eagerly await these sessions which are planned with fitness exercises for the body and mind. Parents too have appreciated this initiative taken by the school and further commented that the simple exercises conducted by the coach can be done within the confines of their homes.
The smile on the faces of our children on a Monday and on a Wednesday tell us the eagerness with which they await this engaging activity that is very much a part now of our online interactive sessions.

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