-Master Gabriel Barros 10E

‘Viral’ was a brilliant live play performed by two enthusiastic actors on 25th July 2020.Some of us senior students were fortunate to be a part of this session organized by the Australian embassy. This live play was broad casted from Australia to India for their first ever intercontinental play. The play had a very strong message showing the truth of a teenager’s life, how the life of a teenager revolves around phones, money and fame.
The story was simple yet had a strong impact through their acting.Two teenage boys want to gain fame and make themselves known to the entire world; they create a YouTube channel on which they post a very inappropriate video about their teacher. The video instantly goes viral and they get the fame they desired so much but at a very unimaginable price. Their channel was discovered and 50 students were suspended and the 2 creators were expelled. In the end one of them was beaten up but did not realize their mistake.
The two actors were not the only two characters. They very ingeniously played more than 15 different characters between both of them. They lip synced characters and provided various sound effects such as knocking of doors, beeping of phones using their mouths itself.
The play was a bunch of real-life incidents that the actors played. They had created a new form of play where just two people enact multiple characters with a unique blend of miming and talking. After the play there was a discussion between the actors, trained teachers and psychologists related to the theme of the play – cyber bullying.
The entire play had a hidden meaning that said people cannot rely on social media followers who give you fake hearts and likes to make them feel loved. The only way to deal with a problem is to talk to your loved ones, family or friends and tell them how you feel.

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