Daughters of Mother India Aug 17Mumbai, AUGUST 12 The feature length documentary by Vibha Bakshi, the winner of the National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues, 2015, was screened for the 850 students of classes VIII, IX and X of Don Bosco High School, Matunga in their classrooms, followed by a discussion intended to sensitize the boys towards the opposite gender.

‘Daughters of Mother India,’ was a graphic journey through the aftermath of the horrific rape and murder of a 23 year old medical intern, ‘Nirbhaya’ and the mass protests that followed, bringing to light ‘gender consciousness’ and extraordinary solidarity by ordinary citizens.

Yet another appalling incident followed up in the documentary was the rape of a 5 year old child, ‘Guddi,’ gang-raped by porn addicts, whose father can only pray for his child to leave the horrendous incident behind as she grows up.

The film helped explore the swift and radical changes being made in the Police, the Judiciary and community groups, who are promoting for the first time, a national dialogue on the current sexist attitudes of Indian society such as ‘a woman’s place is at home’ and ‘she asked for it by the way she dressed,’ and how to change them.

After viewing the film, a discussion aimed at gender sensitization was initiated by each teacher, in order to raise awareness of gender equality concerns. Through the group discussion, the teacher brought out the need for girls and women to be brave and to fight against societal ills, while our boys were made aware of the importance of empathizing with and respecting girls and women, bearing in mind the ultimate goal of gender equality in Indian society.

-Ms. Ashwini Gupte