28 February, 2018

Versova Beach Clean-Up Activity –in association with GreenLine

Ms. Lakshmi Krishnan

The Versova beach clean-up drive was taken up by students of Don Bosco High School, along with Greenline, Afroz Shah and his team, on 24th February 2018.

Afroz Shah, a lawyer by profession, has been the torch bearer of the Clean the Versova Beach initiative. Afroz Shah has been named as one of winners of the top environmental honour of the United Nations. He has been bestowed with the ‘Champions of the Earth’ award for the initiative. The award is under the ‘Action and Inspiration’ category for kick-starting a volunteer campaign to pick-up, by hand, all the plastic bags, cement sacks, glass bottles, pieces of clothing, and shoes, that covered the entire 2.5-km stretch of the Versova Beach, even rising many feet high in some places. Working alongside a Champion of the Earth was a privilege.

41 enthusiastic students of our school with 2 teachers and 3 parents left for the activity early at 7.20 a.m. A certain section of the beach was chosen for the clean-up drive. The chosen area was divided into two and one team for each area was assigned for the cleaning activity. Every team was given large tubs to collect the garbage on the beach. The groups worked passionately for over 2 hours. The deep cleaning of the area resulted in collection of truckloads of garbage that included – plastic bags, wrappers, thermoform, glass (bottles/ pieces), shoes, clothing, bio-degradable waste paper, flowers, etc.

After the clean-up drive at the beach, the students returned to the school, and here during the afternoon session, Afroz Shah enlightened the participants about his experience and encouraged everyone to join his team and give a helping hand whenever possible to clean-up the Versova beach. He also gave useful tips to reduce the plastic waste and live an eco-friendly lifestyle by substituting the daily use plastic material with decomposable material. The students took a solemn pledge to reduce, recycle, reuse plastic waste.

Mr. Afroz was given a token of appreciation on behalf of the school.

The activity was a very revealing and uplifting experience, while at the same time leaving each one pondering about the amount of garbage that we generate which goes out into the sea and how nature returns it to us, making our beaches filthy. Pictures taken before and after activity were indeed revealing of man’s careless attitude.

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