17 August, 2017

‘Verbal Commendation’ for Ahmed Kazi at HMUN

Master Ahmad Kazi from Don Bosco High School Matunga, Mumbai was awarded “Verbal Commendation”, in recognition of his contribution to the conference in exemplary ways in The Legal Committee (Topic Area : Global Mass Surveillance, Sole Delegate representing Republic of Poland) at the 7th Harvard Model United Nations India (HMUN) 2017 held from 12th to 15th August in Hyderabad.

After weeks of research and preparations, more than 1400 bright and passionate students from 14 countries around the world spent four days in the Hyderabad International Convention Centre discussing issues critical to the international stage.

Delegates were challenged to innovate new solutions to historical and contemporary problems alike, ranging from basic questions of human rights to the increasing impact of climate change.

Through this year’s theme, “Development through Diversity”, the conference highlighted the importance of diversity in opinion, thought, and experience as necessary to achieve sustainable development.

HMUN India is an academic simulation, a person-centered experiential learning platform to develop individual attributes like Thinking & Creativity, Knowledge, Communication skills, Ethics & Integrity, Team work, and Planning & Organisation.

HMUN India provided an enjoyable and educational experience, making each Delegate a well-informed global citizen who are better able to engage others in conversations about important world issues.

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