2 March, 2020
Value Education Day for standards 5 and 6
-Report collated by Ms. Jancy

‘Value Education Day’ was organized for standards 5 and 6 on 12th February, 2020. The resource persons were the Salesian priests Fr. Crispino, Fr. Mylin, Fr. Xavier, Fr. Rudolph and Fr. Clarence. Sessions were conducted at the different venues in the school and on the campus. It was a time set aside for the students to reflect, pray and receive life’s lessons for growth. The sessions were held from 9:30 am up to the lunch break.
The Catholic boys of these classes were animated by Fr Crispino D’Souza, the Rector of the school, in the conference hall. He began the session with an icebreaker and eventually engaged the students in an interactive session on the seven sacraments. Fr. Crispino captivated the students’ attention through a story of a man suffering from leprosy. The story encapsulated the importance of the sacraments.
“It was an enriching experience for me and I really liked the story narrated by Fr Crispino,” said a student.
The students belonging to the other faiths had a session on a value based topic, class-wise, conducted by the other Salesian priests.
The resource person, Fr Mylin Noronha, helped the boys of class 5A and 6A in self reflection on their purpose in life through meditation. He also encouraged the boys to participate in discussion through videos and an action song. He introduced the students to the importance of faith in God and miracles. The students discussed about miracles and the need for faith. The students were urged to be aware of the presence of God and to see holiness in the mundane activities of life. The session concluded with the song ‘beautiful people.’
At the session for class 5B and 6B, Fr. Xavier Bandya discussed the annual day theme ‘Noah’s Ark’ and connected it with the main topic, ‘Care for creation’ where he encouraged the students to think of ways in which they can be of help to God’s creation. The session was supplemented with an enticing mythical story as well as a video. Fr. Xavier also explained how God plays an important role in our day to day life. The students were told how our behaviour is inter-related and affects our growth. Fr. Xavier Bandya explained with the help of videos and a power point presentation the importance of beginning any work by remembering GOD because He is a creator, generator, operator and sustainer of the world. The students were also encouraged to draw a picture of God’s creation and talk about it.
The session for class 5C and 6C began with the prayer song in Sanskrit by the resource person Fr. Rudolf who explained this year’s Salesian strenna ‘Good Human Beings and Upright Citizens’. The strenna helped the boys understand the importance of taking moral decisions as a good human being. The students were asked to reflect on how they can become good human beings and upright citizens. The students enjoyed enacting any two phrases from the universal prayer,”Our Father”. The students were excited to partake in ‘the arm-lock challenge’. Through that challenge, they learned that sometimes it is better to work in groups rather than working or completing our tasks by ourselves. A video based on “ACTS OF KINDNESS” was screened to inculcate a desire to be kind and helpful towards each other.
Class 5D and 6D had a session on the theme “Good Human Being and Honest Citizens” by Fr.Clarence. Students were asked to watch a video and reflect on the theme “Good Human Being and Upright Citizen”. Students mentioned that as citizens, they must actively participate towards development of the society, be friends with another, try to eradicate poverty, learn to respect one another and walk in the path of values lead by Don Bosco. A power point presentation highlighted the points to take action and live life with faith, defend human rights especially of the minor, keep the mother earth clean, educate others around and follow the path of Don Bosco. Fr. Clarence proceeded further with a group activity by elaborating the prayer “Our Father” and explaining it’s meaning of politics of fraternity, justice, solidarity, reconciliation, respect, equality and protection of most weakest.
The sessions animated for our boys on their Value Education Day were an enriching experience to them that helped them understand how to be good a citizen and a kind person.

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