17 June, 2019

Understanding Application Based Learning techniques in Science
-Mrs Lakshmi Krishna

The new scholastic year began on a high note for the Science Department of Don Bosco High School, Matunga. The science faculty teachers attended an eye-opening Seminar which taught them Application Based Learning and Questions in topics pertaining to Physics.
The Seminar was conducted by Prof. Patil, Director of Adarsh Science Institute who is passionate about Physics. Teacher representatives participated in the seminar from schools that included St. Joseph’s Wadala, St. Dominic Savio Andheri , Don Bosco -Naigaon.
Sir Rai, the coordinator of the Secondary section, introduced the speaker to the forum. At the workshop, Prof. Patil emphasized the importance of having a keen understanding about the subject and concepts. This in turn will enable them to transfer the knowledge easily. Interestingly, Prof. Patil called Physics as a highly developed common sense which explains the way things operate around us. Only with real-life examples (from different walks of life) will the concepts come alive for the students. To make the seminar more meaningful for the teachers, Prof. Patil prepared a handout with questions from different topics. Through an interactive session, he took time to discuss the answers with the participants.
Concluding the session, he left the teachers motivated with the mantra-Learning has no age. One has to keep learning and upgrading. His enthusiasm clearly exuded throughout the session. To extend the learning of the Seminar, Sir Rai assigned the task to all the participants to prepare and submit one question each from a topic in Physics.
Ms. Lakshmi Krishna proposed the vote of thanks and felicitated Prof. Patil with a small token of gratitude.

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