19 January, 2018

Unconditional Love; the love that does not keep a record of wrongs

-Ms. Jansi Daramraj

The day dawned brightly on 16th January, 2018. It was class assembly of standard 5 A. The theme was ‘unconditional love’, something that many do not believe in today. Ms Jansi, the class teacher, led the assembly into a time of meditation. This was followed by a skit on the life of Joseph from an Old Testament book. The children witnessed how the pampered and talented young Joseph was sold as a slave to the Midianite merchants by his very own brothers. And all the other tragedies that chased Joseph. Joseph was a man who feared and obeyed God and remained humble at all phases of life. The story proceeded to show that Joseph was rewarded by God for his faithfulness and integrity. From a slave, Joseph is raised to be the governor of Egypt, a position just one step below that of Potiphar. Tables are turned. Joseph’s brothers are now down in the valley, grappling with famine and hunger. The anticipated climax presented a stunning scene. Joseph does something that is not natural to man- he forgives his brothers and embraces them with open hands and helps them. This story from the Bible tells us about the unconditional love which Joseph extended towards his brothers.

The skit was followed by an action song ‘ Love is something that we give away, and it comes right back to us. Also as it is mentioned in 1Corinthians 13:5  ‘Love does not keep a record of wrongs’. It does not need to be perfect, it only needs to be true. The Rector, Fr. Crispino D’souza spoke with the most catchy film dialogue, “Tum be kabhi kisi we pyaar kiya, kabhi kisi ko dil diya?”. Fr. Rector spoke about how a mother forgives her son and loves him unconditionally in spite of him hurting his mother several times. Fr. Crispino also appreciated the hard work of the students of class 5A. Fr. Bernard expressed his pleasure of watching this wonderful work by the fifth A class assembly and also stressed on the importance of ‘unconditional love.’ He extended his heartfelt thanks to the parents who came in large numbers to encourage the class. It’ll surely be a red-letter day that sowed a crucial life lesson in the young minds. We all are adept in saying all the right things and doing all the wrong things. And hence, it was a much needed reminder for us to follow this beautiful value.