12 June, 2019
Two of our young sports stars rewarded for their prodigious talent
Mr. Barrington Serrao

Don Bosco Matunga keeps producing champions in the field of sport, and 2018-19 was no exception. Besides the many accolades in sports -team and individual-two of our budding sportspersons were honoured for their prodigious sporting talent in May-June 2019.
In cricket young Sahil Jadhav of Std IX D has been invited for a cricket exchange program with Wells Cathedral School, UK beginning from 5th May 2019. (The departure was delayed on account of visa/paperwork procedures). This program is in recognition of his talent at cricket and he will be mentored in cricket along with his studies for a period of close to two months during his stay in UK.
In tennis, the young prodigy Master Shivam Kadam of Std X-B has been awarded the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Dr. Apte Memorial Scholarship 2018 for being ranked no. 2 in Maharashtra in the Boys U/14 category at a function held at Cooperage, Mumbai on 1st June 2019. At the end of year 2018 Shivam was ranked no. 17 in India, no. 2 in Maharashtra and no. 1 in Mumbai.
We wish Sahil an enriching experience and exposure with many other talented youngsters outside India and congratulate Shivam on an extraordinary winning streak over the last couple of years!

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