21 November, 2017

Two of our Science Research Teams win the District award to make it to the pre-State level!

-Ms. Anita Philip (Guide teacher)

This year the science research club had 45 students. They were divided into 8 teams and were given eight research topics to work on.

The senior group consisted of 4 teams:-

1) Rain water harvesting through mesh, micro and ultra filtration. Team members: Kenneth, Ravin, Shwell and Hishaam. These students took a trip to Walvanda for a survey, interviewed the villagers with the assistance of Royal Sir, a professor from DBIT, Kurla. They researched a pilot plan for rain water harvesting to help the people of Walvanda.

2) Sustainable applications of Chitosan with emphasis on Bioplastic and anti-mosquito breeding. Team members: Soham, Arya, Arnav, Moin, Ahmad. This group made visits to the Kalina campus Lab to learn and prepare Chitosan from Prawn shells. They then went on to prepare bioplastic in our laboratory and conducted many experiments to study various applications of bioplastic.

3) The health issues behind drinking low and high TDS water.    Team members: Suryansh, Shyam, Craig, Varun and Andrae.  These students performed all their experiments in the laboratory. They collected water samples from all over India and also from different water purifiers to test the total dissolved salts present in water using a TDS meter.

4) Growing and processing Spirolina as a super food for malnourished people. Team members: Vansh, Vanshpal, Sanjog, Hanesh. This team from the spirolina culture tried to grow the algae in DBIT,Kurla laboratory under the guidance of Prof.Kartiki.

Junior Groups:

1) The Nano science behind ancient Kajal and its anti microbial activity. Team members: Kyle, Ness, Sachin. Inspite of being the junior most team (Std. 6/7) the enthusiasm and determination of these students was infectious and highly praiseworthy. They not only made many samples of Kajal using various traditional methods but were alsothe youngest team to qualify in pre-district oral round of NCSC.

2) Eco-friendly mosquito repellant prepared from plant extract. Team members: Shivansh, Amog, Hriday, Sarvesh. These students performed their experiments at home under the guidance of their parents and Dr. Godfrey (ICT) their resource person. The different formulations made from Lemon grass, Tulsi, Neem and Eucalyptus was tested on mosquitoes and found to be very effective.

3) Defluorination of drinking water using Nano-hydroxyapatite impregnated on rice husk ash. Team members: Aryan, Eshaan, Raeed. This young team from Std. 7th worked on using Nano hydroxyapatite to help remove fluorine from high TDS water samples.

4) Minimizing the use of urea by incorporating HAP using egg shell. Team members: Swayam, Atharva,Rasesh, Calvin, Lakshmiraj and Arnav. A highly motivated group. These students, under the guidance of Dr. Godfrey and Prof. Deepika performed their experiments at the Kalina university lab. They visited Nashik to get first-hand information of various agricultural methods, testing of water and soil samples, use of fertilizers, its composition etc. They also visited small villages to share the importance of their findings with farmers.

All these students put in lot of hard work despite them being part of Annual day. Our special gratitude to all the resource persons, Dr.Rosilda in particular, for their help and guidance.


Total research projects registered this year for the 1st scrutiny round was 357.

Number of projects qualified for pre- district oral presentation = 108 ( From Don Bosco Matunga 7)

Total projects selected for District level = 32 (3 from our school Kajal and HAP from junior category and chitosan from seniors)

Projects that won the District level and qualified for Pre- state scrutiny round = 24 (2 from Don Bosco. HAP Jr Group and Chitosan Sr Group).

HAP Team Members: Swayam, Atharva, Rasesh, Lakshmiraj and Arnav.

Chitosan Team Members: Soham, Arya, Arnav, Moin and Ahmad.

Wishing our selected teams the very best for the next round!!