5 October, 2018

“Transport day”- Jr Kg event
-Ms. Bianca Fernandes

We can fly in a plane
We can ride on a train
In a boat we will row
We can go, go, go!

We go near, we go far
In a bus or a car
We go high we go low
So where should we go?

Oh yes! The tiny tots of the Jr Kg section rode high and low as they celebrated “Transport day” on 26th September 2018 as a part of their class event. As instructed by their teacher, the children brought along either a real object or a picture of a mode of transport and showed it eagerly to the class as they spoke a few lines on it. They were more than excited to see the different modes of transport whilst learning a lot of new and interesting things about the different modes of transport.
While the children enjoyed playing and sharing with their toys in the activity classroom, they were even taken on a round towards the main school gate, where they witnessed the different vehicles passing by. They got some first-hand knowledge on the use of a helmet and the license from a motorbiker who stopped to interact with them. The teachers contributed their share of valuable information with their students thus bringing to an end an interesting and fun filled class event.