-Mrs. Janet D’Souza

Class 10 C presented their virtual class assembly on the 19th of August, 2020 under the guidance of their teacher Mrs. Janet D’Souza. The theme for this year was ” Committed citizens rebuilding a fragile world”. Class 10 C selected the topic of ‘Anxiety in school children arising due to the pandemic’, as they felt young people’s mental health affects the whole community. Without good mental health the youth can’t function, they can’t contribute to the society.
Mrs. Christina began the assembly with the morning prayer followed by Aldrain who sang the prayer song “Happiness is where you are…”, inspiring us to remain positive and hope for a better future. The script for the assembly revolved round the fact that the current Covid-19 pandemic has proved the virus is not only affecting the human body but also affecting the minds of the children. There was a skit performed where students expressed their views and feelings regarding the pandemic and how they long to meet their friends and come back to school.
These were reactions from children who were emotionally quite balanced, now showing signs of anxiety, stress, fear, worry and boredom. Boys of the class also provided pointers on how to overcome anxiety by making small changes in way we think and manage our feelings.
The class also presented an audio recording of a short talk by Mrs. Bindu Chedda, the counsellor at DBIS Matunga, instructing boys on how to handle anxiety and ways to deal with it. Mrs. Bindu Chedda gave the following points to handle anxiety
Identify the negative thoughts
Write down the fear
What you can do about it right now
Focus on what you can change
Who else can help you in the process?
Talk to someone who can help you out of the situation.
There was a video presentation played of various activities which could help overcome anxiety. The video presentation was made from video clippings shared by the boys of the class. There was a dance performance put up by the boys on the song “Aashayein” which means Hope.
Our Rector, Fr.Crispino D’souza congratulated the class for a well planned and executed assembly. The theme chosen was very relevant in today’s times. He appreciated the practical points given by Mrs.Bindu. The dance according to him was the icing on the cake, as ‘Aashayein’-hope is the word on which, the world is living. He shared a story with the boys and concluded by saying that this pandemic is the time to spend with family and show love and kindness to our grandparents, parents and siblings.
Fr.Bernard Fernandes, our Principal, too congratulated the class and the class teacher for the proper planning, the meaningful script, the dance, the ideas used in the video presentation and the talk by Mrs .Bindu, which was practical in the current situation.

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