21 January,2017



On 17th January, 2017 the students of class 5 B were privileged to present their assembly based on the theme ‘DON BOSCO LIVES ON ‘.  The program began with meditation followed by the skit titled ‘Together we can change the world’.

‘Together we can change the world’ is a story of a girl who is sad because of the continuous fights and arguments that take place in her house. The skit aimed to enlighten the students on living in harmony with each other. This assembly was not only an eye opener to the students of 5 B but for everyone present there for it explained that ‘Happiness is a journey not a destination’. The skit was accompanied by a dance on the song with the same title

‘Walk with your feet on earth but in your heart be in heaven’, the words written on the backdrop reflected the message received and given by the students of 5 B through their Assembly  presentation.


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