17 December, 2019
Being Human!
-By Mrs Sarita Chaubey

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”- Nelson Mandela, South African civil rights activist.
A wonderful assembly briefing the appropriately chosen topic of ‘Human rights’ on World Human Rights Day (10th December) was presented by the students of Std 5C under the guidance of their class teacher Mrs. Sarita Chaubey.
The assembly started with a relaxing meditation conducted by the class teacher, Mrs Sarita Chaubey followed by the skit that highlighted ‘Right to Expression’, ‘Right to Equality’, ‘Right to Education’ and ‘Right to Freedom.’ The entire script was staged sequentially and the flow of the story was commendable. A beautiful action song depicting this theme was put up by the boys.
Father Crispino D’ Souza, the Rector was exceptionally impressed by the choice of topic and the way it was presented. He mentioned that the script was well researched and excellently presented by class 5C. Father Crispino spoke in particular on gender equality which is the most sensitive area as it is abominably handled worldwide.
Father Bernard Fernandes, the Principal of the school was visibly delighted to see the ‘Preamble’ being recited by a student. It was a moment of great pride and honour. He also congratulated the students of standard 5C and their class teacher for an outstanding assembly.

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