19 October, 2016

-Ms Susan Philip

beatricefarewell beatricefarewell1

Smiles, chuckles, candour, nods of approval  and the Don Bosco spirit reigned supreme as the secondary section staff congregated  on Saturday to felicitate and   bid  adieu to  the outgoing  AHM ,Ms. Beatrice Pinto .

It was time for Ms. Beatrice to slow down,  rest her  quill and take a bow, for playing many roles as the Salesian Educator. Her companions, that’s how she referred to the staff,   reminisced fondly  that she was the’ go to’ person on many occasions,  the confidante  we could open up to,  the authority who lent a listening ear,  and the  woman who displayed pluck with her no nonsense approach and impartial ways.

Ms. Beatrice sat in the staffroom. flanked by the members of the Management, with a warm  gentle smile as her companions celebrated a beautiful side of her  with songs and words. She sang along as they crooned a few Konkani folk songs.

Memories unspooled and kaleidoscopic images flashed upon the inward eye as Ms. Beatrice witnessed the informal fellowship.

She stood to address her companions probably  for  the last time in the staffroom. The staffroom was a place where she made many of the short    announcements as the AHM. She spoke in a quivering voice as a collective hush fell in the staffroom. She thanked profusely the present Management and the past, the staff and above all God for the good times she spent in the school. She looked back with contentment and believed that she had done the best she could. She admitted that she  found it difficult to come to terms with the inconvenient truth of retiring from school. “ Forgive me if I keep coming back,” spoke volumes  of the inexplicable bond she shared with  her mission filed: the Don Bosco institution.

Fr. Bernard expressed his gratitude to Ms. Beatrice. He observed that she was rightfully called the Salesian Educator as there was so much Salesian about her. He said   Ms. Beatrice was  the sounding board, one could rely on for wisdom. He told her that the imposing doors of the school would always welcome her.   God speed !  Mrs. Beatrice Pinto .