18 February, 2017

 -Ms. Janet D’Souza

Class 8 E presented an assembly on Time Management on Wednesday, 15th February 2017. It commenced with yoga conducted by Ms. Smita. The skit was based on classroom situations where students waste their time in class and fail to complete their work on time. The class teacher in the skit emphasized through the “JAR OF LIFE” that we need to set our priorities right in life. If we give importance to small things like Whatsapp and Facebook then we stand to lose out on important things in life like Family and studies. The students, Branden Britto and Hanesh Iyer, sang a song on the theme of “TIME”. The assembly concluded with a speech on importance of time given by Master Hamees.

Fr. Rector said it was a well conducted assembly. He asked the boys to cancel words like ‘Later’, ’Tomorrow’ from their vocabulary and instead use the word ‘NOW’. He also emphasized on the word ‘Procrastination’. Fr. Principal too opined that it was a skit apt for boys at this time of the year, given the lackadaisical attitude that prevails among some in things that really matter.