17 December, 2019
The vision through the Vision Board-A Workshop Initiated by Mykensho Team
-Mr. Nelson D’Souza

A workshop was conducted by Ms. Krithika and Ms. Nakashi from Mykensho along with the career guidance facilitators for students of Std. X on 16th December, 2019.
The team members introduced themselves to the students and explained to them the what, how and why of the Vision board. By definition a vision board, also sometimes known as a Dream board, is a powerful tool to help one clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. It usually contains images, quotes and sentences of what one is aspiring to achieve in different areas of his/her life.
After a brief silent mediation, a power point presentation was shown to the students explaining to them the key areas that affect our life apart from Education. Each one needs to create something personal that will serve as a powerful reminder of who we are, what we are aspiring towards and how to get there.
We are often told that we can only do certain things and hence it is important to believe in possibilities to make our dreams a reality. It is essential to be practical and realistic to reach these aspirations through realistic ways. The world today has developed from people who believed in dreams-Jetsons, Iron Man and Sofia.
During the vision board activity, the students were asked to share what they aspired to achieve in their life. In a brief presentation, emphasis was laid on a strong focus and a clear dream that would overcome setbacks and challenges.
The students were then asked to prepare their vision board keeping in mind their own vision and goal. It was heartening to see the students’ engagement in preparing their Vision board. “Our parents can provide all that we want but what next? How am I going to do in life? These question marks were turned into answers by the Mykensho team in their activity of the vision board,” remarks Master Amog Parasurma – 10D. “They made us think out of the box and made us dream a world where there are no limits. It was a flabbergasting experience,” he adds.

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