Due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, the Social Science faculty of Std 5 decided to take the students for a virtual field trip . The field shortlisted was the Mysore Zoo-the Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. The students of Std 5 were given a preparatory talk by the Social Science teachers with a brief explanation of the meaning and purpose of the field trip the day before the date of the virtual journey to the zoo. The students were all prepared to experience, observe and have a learning experience of the animal family, the history of the zoo, the species of animals, the veterinary doctors care and the general administration at the zoo.
The virtual visit to the field of interest was scheduled for the 27th August at 9.15am .The programme chalked out for the trip began via the Google Meet with the morning prayer, followed by a brief introduction to the purpose of the visit; all this was followed with the presentation of the official documentary on the zoo . The heads, the staff, students and the parents at home watched the presentation of the visit. It was an incredible experience for the students who were attracted to the animals in all forms-herbivorous, carnivorous and other forms of reptiles-that unfold the beauty of God’s creation. The zoo administration and the bond between the caretaker and the animal drew admiration. Some students clicked some beautiful pictures of the animals that attracted their attention during the presentation.
After the presentation the class teachers opened up a dialogue and encouraged the students to share their views, observation and experiences having visited the zoo. In order to recap all that the students had observed, the students were encouraged to attempt the Google quiz related to the zoo. The students were excited to do this activity and they successfully answered the quiz. The submission of the Google quiz form marked the end of the field visit.
It was indeed an enjoyable educative learning experience to treasure for the students and the staff!

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