8 December, 2019
The Threefold Celebration: Assembly day, Management day, and Children’s Day
Mrs Snehal D’Mello & Ms Jansi Dharamraj

The assembly day of class 5B for the year 2019-2020 was presented on 3rd December, 2019 under the guidance of their class teacher Mrs Snehal D’Mello. This day was also celebrated as Children’s Day and Management Day in the school.
The assembly began with an introductory prayer by Mrs. Snehal D’Mello followed by a scripture reading by Mrs. Christina Mascarenhas, the A.H.M. The students presented a skit titled ‘Your life is an amazing gift to us’! The skit depicted the role of the school management in the overall growth and personality development of the children. The relentless efforts and silent dedication of the management towards the holistic development of the students were conveyed through this meaningful enactment.
After the assembly, the students of standards 9 and 10 put up a mime dance on the theme ‘Save Trees Save Earth,’ that was performed in Auxilium Convent, Wadala at the Amar Media festival and won the first prize.
Father Crispino D’ Souza, the rector, amplified the hard work and anxieties of parents and school staff who sacrifice much for the children. He urged the students to always wear an attitude of gratitude towards all who contribute in their growth in life.
The teachers of the pre-primary and primary sections expressed their gratitude to the management and students through a song. The secondary section teachers surprised everyone with an upbeat dance performance. The students of standards 9 and 10 put up a beautiful dance that had earlier won the consolation prize at the jubilee celebrations of Our Lady of Good Council High School, Sion. This energetic dance was a cherry on the cake.
Mrs Elizabeth Soares, the supervisor, in her address thanked the management for all their hard work and dedication for the betterment of the students and teachers.
The celebration came to an end with the vote of thanks given by Father Bernard Fernandes. He appreciated class 5 B and their class teacher Mrs Snehal D’Mello for the noteworthy assembly. The students of standards 9 and 10 were congratulated by the principal for a beautiful mime dance that gave us the message on saving trees.

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