1 August, 2019

The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow

-Ms. Sonali D’Silva interacts with our student researchers Geoffrey Nadar and Kyle Rozario
As a new year has dawned for schools all across India, so it has for the National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC), and with it, its new participants. The expectations of the NCSC are well-defined when it comes to project making and presentation. To apprehend this process of project making and presentation skills the teachers of various schools participated in the NCSC attended a training session on 19th July 2019 conducted by the resource persons from NCSC along with the winners of last year’s NCSC from Don Bosco High School, Matunga. Master Geoffrey Nadar and Master Kyle Rozario were asked to present their project to the teachers at the seminar. This session was held at Vanita Vishram Primary School, Grant Road along with the participating schools. The aim of the session was to deliver fundamental knowledge and give guidelines regarding the NCSC system. The representatives of our science research team with their teacher Ms. Barkha gained an insight into the competition with the help of multiple experts that guided the audience throughout the session.
Kyle Rozario and Geoffrey Nadar from 8D were invited to explain their project as they made it to the national level last scholastic year. Extracting their expertise and knowledge from their past research experience Kyle and Geoffrey elucidated the parts of the writing of a project, the presentation itself and the different aspects of a project. Our researchers acknowledged the important role of their parents in the research and presentation and that the presence of their guide teacher made a substantial difference in making a positive contribution towards the school team.
The session concluded with the teachers of schools in Mumbai understanding the system and preparing their teams for the district level. Many teachers discussed topics; suggested ideas and shared them among the others. Geoffrey Nadar commented “It was a deeply enlightening experience. Our understanding of the system grew exponentially.” The members in the session took something that was greatly important to the growth of their projects.

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