The Science of Air-Beyond Academics STD.II

Ms. Jeneta Rathinam

Humanity and sensitivity is a part of our souls. These are the virtues, which if taught to our children from a tender age, will help them grow to create an inclusive society where each one cares for one another. Sensitivity towards environment needs our time and energy. Yes, it sounds big and idealistic but it is possible with small steps taken at an early age.
As Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam rightly said, “Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we should not distort it.” a virtual session on the “Science of Air” was held on the Google Meet platform for the students of Std. II on September 26th 2020.
The teacher explicated the topic, ‘The Science of Air’ with the help of Power Point Presentation, videos and a worksheet. The students with their artistic creativity made a Wind chime and a Pinwheel. At the end of the session the students completed a worksheet to apprehend the concept of the Science of Air. The session was enjoyed by the students who loved doing the activities and were appreciative of the fact of having been made acquainted with the science of air. Vihan Pawar, a student of 2D reflected on the session saying, “The Beyond Academics session on Science of Air was very useful as we learnt to protect nature and enjoyed doing the activity”. Mrs. Anjali Malode, mother of Aditya Malode of Std II B quoted “Introducing the boys to some interesting trivia related to the topic, such as-gale and hurricane are not words commonly used by the boys but now they know the difference between breeze, gale, storm and hurricane.”

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