5 March, 2020
The school elects its leaders
-Mrs.Elizabeth Soares

The election process for the leaders began with the call to students to file nominations to be a part of the Student Council for the Academic Year 2020-2021.The call was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the students who reported and collected the nomination forms. Nomination forms were given to the students satisfying the eligibility criteria that were laid down .The students were given the last date for submission of nomination forms. After receiving the nomination forms the scrutiny process took place that helped shortlist the final candidates who would stand for election.
The shortlisted candidates were guided by the teachers Mrs. Vijaylakshmi, Mrs. Janet and the computer department staff under the able guidance of Sir Nelson who helped the candidates to upload their symbol on the smart board and the message to be conveyed. The teachers in charge of the student council Mrs. Elizabeth and Ms. Pauline mentored and helped the candidates in the delivery of the speeches within the stipulated time. Finally on 29th February the 12 candidates running for the post of the Captain and 12 candidates for the post of the Vice-Captain delivered their speeches over the intercom with great confidence and all inspired to be of service to their school and their fellow schoolmates.
The students from Std 5 and 6 voted for the candidate whom they adjudged desirable for the post of the Vice-Captain and Std 7,8 & 9 voted for the candidates whom they considered ideal for the post of the School Captain and Vice-Captain. The staff also voted for their choice of candidates whom they deemed worthy for the post of the Captain and Vice-Captain. The election result of the winning candidates for the post of Captains and Vice-Captains was declared by the Principal on 2nd March, 2020.

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