21 NOVEMBER, 2016 researchnov21-collage

In yet another stunning development, all our four school research teams have made it to the STATE LEVEL – a first for Don Bosco High School, Matunga! A total of 15 Mumbai schools have qualified at the State level, and we are indeed proud that our students under the guidance of their mentor, Ms. Anita Philip have put the school on this elusive map.

Our research team students:

1)Photocatalyst team:
Don Selvin, Nirnay Korde(9B), Heramb and Varun ( 10 C), Atharva Ghadi (9 F)

2) Lubricant team:
Tarun Kripalani,Amog,Nivesh(10 B)Ashif (10 A) and Soham (8 D)


1) Hydrogen team:
Harsh Kadam(9F), Suryanshu, Vansh(8B), Sahil(8D)
2) Solar team:
Arnav Sawant and Rasesh(7C,  Swayam (7A), Atharva (7B),  Cavin (7D)

Our sincere thanks to all our resource persons:
Dr Rosilda Selvin, Dr Roslein, Dr Ninesh, Dr Suraj, Dr Unnikrishnan, Mr.Anil Daryani, Mr Saliesh Sansare; especially to Dr Rosilda and Dr Roslein for their motivation, help and guidance. These people have enriched the lives of our research teams in their journey.

We now wish them the very best at the state level round!