30 August, 2018
The Red House focuses on the problem of Unemployment
By Sahil Dawankar, Vishnu Gupta, Shikhar Parekh, Moin Hakim, Aditya Singh-Std.X

The culmination of the House Day celebrations saw the Red House analysing the worldwide problem of ‘Unemployment’ that leads to a waste of human resources and hinders development.The Red House explored their theme on 28th August. The previous House Days discussed three other global issues-the problem of climate change that threatens life itself, the pros and cons of displacement and migration, and the nightmare that is ill health, on a global scale.
A display of charts pertaining to the topic portrayed the growing problem. The ambience was set as a row of students depicting the employed stood in the entrance lobby at one side, such as professionals including a lawyer, doctor, engineer and a businessman. On the other side was a representation of the unemployed, to show hooligans, people playing cards, even the qualified unemployed with folders and men studying the employment columns in the newspaper.
The assembly over the intercom included a discussion of the causes of unemployment, including the creation the qualified unemployed due to too many chasing too few jobs, and how to safeguard oneself against becoming obsolete in the fast changing world. Dr. Bhagat, a surgeon and parent of student Rasesh was the resource person who shared his experience of applicants who had to be rejected by him at his hospital, simply because they were overqualified for the particular post. Dr. Bhagat also spoke about the need for more programs such as the ‘Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana’ wherein the government gives loans to start businesses, to create entrepreneurs and to give an impetus to small scale industries. The second resource person was Ms. Krithika, the MyKensho coordinator for our school. She shared the need to select the right career to be happy, perform well and to adapt to change as required. Both the resource persons spoke of the advantage Boscoites have, as the school programs give suitable exposure to enable them to make informed choices.
Videos on the causes and effects of unemployment, along with a poem on ‘berozgaari’ were viewed in all the classes.
The entire exercise helped spread awareness about the gravity of the problem and measures to equip oneself and others against it.