13 January, 2020
The Need To Be Responsible
-Ms. Yugandhara Kaskar

The final session for the academic year 2019-2020 under the Green School campaign, in association with the Green Line organisation took place on 11th January 2020. Mrs. Lakshmi and Ms. Yugandhara joined the seminar along with the nature club students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga.
The session began with Ms. Anushka probing the students on the theme of this academic year, Breathe Free. She then asked questions on various topics discussed in the previous seminars. She linked the topics discussed to the current conditions of the air quality in India. Ms. Anushka then conducted an activity where the students learnt about the ill effects of overuse of conventional energy resources available on the Earth.
The second half of the session was conducted by Ms. Prakrithi where she focused on the importance of being a responsible human being. She displayed a map which described the various tasks that were performed this year. She explained the importance of conducting surveys and creating awareness. Ms. Prakrithi then elaborated on the tasks for December and January. She also stated that changing our lifestyle is not necessary to protect the Earth but to protect ourselves.
Ms. Prakrithi concluded the session mentioning the date and the venue of the Green Line awards 2019- 2020 and by encouraging the students to work hard towards being responsible. It was indeed an informative and encouraging session.

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