16 January, 2017

-Ms. Elizabeth Soares

16th of Jan 2017 was a very meaningful day effectively spent with a learning experience that made the students of Std 5 to Std 9 find the joy of reading books of their choice. The day began with the students reciting the reader’s pledge. Thereafter the students were guided to have the pleasure of reading books of their choice for the entire zero period. In order to keep this joyful experience alive through the day, the students were further guided and motivated to prepare bookmarks bearing the name of their favourite author and book.The students decorated the bookmarks creatively and were overjoyed to see the names of their favourite authors on them. During the breaks, students penned their views on reading and authors they love through drawing and write ups on the graffiti page wall in the reception area and the cyber library.
The success of this English activity was possible because of the well motivated and guided  support of the Principal, parents and the entire Secondary teaching staff.  The students had an enriching experience and they look forward for many more activities that will spell joy.

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