17 March, 2020
The Human Voice Is The Most Perfect Instrument Of All
-Ms. Vailena Dsouza

14th March, 2020 saw Standards I and II of the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School Matunga conducting their much awaited Choral Recitation Competition. The class teachers had painstakingly selected poems and got them approved by the Head Teacher, well in advance. The practices, too, began in good time so that the performance was well synchronized and the students were prepared to achieve their degree of excellence.
On the appointed day, the students assembled class-wise in the Bianchi Hall and moved to the stage in a disciplined manner to recite their poem awaiting their turn, while the others sat and listened to them in rapt attention.
The poems were judged on the basis of their presentation, voice modulation and expression, discipline and overall effect. The judges thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a tough time judging the poems. They were very impressed by the flawless performance of the children and applauded not only their memory but also the effort put in by the teachers to get the students well trained for their stage performance. Mrs. Beatrice Pinto, one of the distinguished judges, an English teacher recalled how difficult it was to train Std. V & VI boys for the same competition. She was amazed to see the little ones of Std. I & II up on stage, reciting their poems so confidently; and could well imagine the teachers’ endeavours in training the young students.
After the performance of each class, the marks were collated and the winners were announced by the Head Teacher amid a loud round of applause for the winning classes. The winners of the choral recitation competition were Std. IB and Std. IIA. The Head Teacher presented each student from these classes a certificate and congratulated the students and the teachers who had trained them for their commendable performance.

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