6 October, 2018

The harmful side effects of one time plastic-Second Session by Greenline
-Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna

The second session with the Greenline team was conducted on 1st October 2018, in the conference hall at Don Bosco Matunga. Fifteen students from the primary and secondary attended the session.
Our students first presented the various activities that we conducted in the school since June 2018. This was followed by the presentation by the Anushka, Swanand and Sandra-Greenline representatives. They spoke about the harm caused by one time use plastic, microplastic and wrappers which are multiple layered that cannot be disposed off. Through videos and power point presentation it was shown that these pollute the ocean and other organisms. The speakers shared ideas on how to avoid the waste we produce especially by the use of alternatives, by refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling. They introduced ideas to implement these alternatives-organizing low waste party, becoming a responsible student reporter, etc.
In the concluding part, the resource persons and the organizers assigned the school specific tasks to be performed in the next 3 months
•Task 1: Do away with “one plastic item” at a time. And encourage others to do the same.
•Task 2: Start an on-going activity to collect wrappers for Safai Bank of India
•Task 3: Make a short Film on ‘Beast around beauty’ implying the waste surrounding a beautiful scenery.
For us participants, it was an interesting and an interactive session with a lot to take back.