30 January, 2018

The Hand That Moulds The Future – Assembly IX E

– Mrs. Gracy Gonsalves

The assembly presented by the students of Std IX E on Wed 17 Jan 2018 was based on the life of St. John Bosco. The assembly began with meditation by Miss Elizabeth that provided the key to keeping everyone focused and attentive. In the skit that followed, the scenes depicted how Mama Margaret and John Bosco loved and cared for the poor homeless boys. Don Bosco helped the boys by talking and playing with them. Mama Margaret looked after all the boys and showed them that they too could have a mother to care and love them. The assembly reminded us of the beginning of this great family of Don Bosco and the manner in which it has spread across the world.

At the end of the program, we were addressed by Rev.Fr. Rector who commended the class teacher and the students for an excellent skit (assembly) that was scripted in a poetic style of dialogue. He also stated that during the morning’s meditation that invited us to touch and feel our own hearts, he was provided an opportunity for the first time to touch his own heart as we often touch others hearts through our works and good deeds. He told us that John Bosco was a mischievous boy who often got into trouble. But his mother helped him to be closer to God through prayer. Father said that it was a simple but a meaningful assembly.

We were then addressed by Rev.Fr. Principal who said that the assembly manifested the many hidden talents of the students.

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